Past News

2012 was an exciting year for Muddy’s Buddies with no signs of slowing down. We are excited to see what 2013 has to offer.

  • We made matches with 5 new local teams and organizations.
  • We are thrilled to continue to make both sports and non sports connections. In 2012 we facilitated our first college connection and our first pro sports connection. Thanks to Nazareth College and to Bill Sedgewick and the Rochester Rhinos!
  • Currently, we have paired Buddies with 16 various local teams, groups and organizations from Monroe, Ontario, Genesee, and Wayne Counties.
  • Our waiting list consists of over 50 teams and organizations awaiting Buddies!
  • Since 2009, Muddy’s Buddies has supported more than a dozen “buddies” and their families.
  • Muddy’s Buddies has impacted the lives of over 400 athletes, musicians and students across the Greater Rochester region.
  • Muddy’s Buddies has inspired dozens of coaches, teachers and officials and showed the power of love and friendship to a countless number of spectators.