2nd Annual Muddy’s Buddies Lacrosse Festival

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 10.38.58 AMA group of lacrosse fans did more than catch a soggy game Sunday in Brighton; they also watched the team help out a good cause.

The game supported the group “Muddy’s Buddies.” They pair children with cancer with high school varsity athletes. The children become an honorary member of the team. They go to all the practices and games and in return the team helps them through their battle. Today’s event was a chance to raise awareness and raise money.

“It helps us support the family in need, the child and the family. What they are dealing with is very difficult and there are unknown costs that they can run into. So the funds allow us to support them as they go through that challenge and battle,” says Stephen Lawrence, organizer of the event.

Muddy’s Buddies hopes to raise five thousand dollars.