Tailgate Parties

Tailgate Parties  Muddy’s Buddies hosted two tailgate parties this fall. This is an opportunity for MB to recognize our teams, buddies, and families in the community in which they live. In addition, we are able to provide pizza, beverages and cookies to the teams/groups after a game/concert/event.  If the event is a sporting event, both the home and visiting teams are invited to the party afterwards.  The Buddy and his/her family are also invited.  It’s a great time to celebrate the team and the Buddy for all of their hard work and dedication.

Our first party was for the Byron Bergen Girls Volleyball Team.  They played Aquinas and we had a great time after the game.  Thanks to the Lady Bees and thank you coach Mary Powell! Our second party was for the Victor Varsity Boys Soccer Team.  They played on a  rainy, cold, Friday evening against Irondequoit.  That didn’t put a damper on the party afterwards though!  Thank you Team Victor and thank you coach Steve Fish!  Our Buddy and his family had a great time!