Don’t Miss The Lax Fest!

Contributed by Tim Lawrence- Muddy’s Buddies Beat Reporter

The Muddy’s Buddies Organization is having their famous lacrosse festival on two Sundays in May, 2013. This is already the fourth MB lax festival and they’ve gotten better every year.

I’m proud I survived the first one ‘cuz it was crazy with monsoon-like rain and wind like Wizard of Oz.

The second year, we endured a Rochester record of 17 straight hours of rain and cool temps. But at least the lax fest only lasted 7 of those 17 hours. Hey, it could’ve been a lot worse.

But last year was really crazy. The weather was beautiful on both days of the festival. You know they have it on two Sundays in May before and after Mother’s Day. No way would Muddy or his Buddies have a day-long event on Mother’s Day.  Hey, Muddy hisself knew who was in charge– bottom-line.

You know there are already 17 Buddies who have hooked up with Muddy’s Buddies and their teams. They’ve hung out with the teams for practices and games.  Byron Bergen wrestling and track teams, the Victor soccer team, Wayne football have been a couple of the teams who have teamed up with some of Muddy”s Buddies.

I’m gonna be at the next MB Lax Festival. It’s on May 5th for the girls, on the turf at Brighton High School. The second day is on May 19th for the boys. Do Not go there on Mother’s Day. Somebody’s head will roll.