It’s supposed to be beautiful today for the Dude’s Edition of the Fourth Annual Muddy’s Buddies Lacrosse Festival on Sunday, May 19th. The boys’ teams start at 8 AM on the turf field of the Reifsteck Stadium at Brighton High School.

Part One of the MB Lax Festival was two weeks ago, May 5, at the same place, same times. And the girls crushed it– the weather could not have been better, there were some great games and sick goals, the T-shirts this year are killer, and the food rocked. They had taco-in-a-bag, hot dogs and such– comin’ right off your Bar-B-Q grill.

I am psyched, because the weather should be perfect—they’re sayin’ in the 70’s, so not super-hot, but shorts should be good, and it won’t be super sunny.  But you better wear the sunscreen anyway, just to be safe. Muddy would want all of his Buddies to be all over the sunblock, or maybe he would say “Buddies, make sure it’s all over you.”  Ha-Ha.

And all of the proceeds (I am talking about the cabbage, the dough, the rubles, the dollars, yo…) from the games and concessions go to Muddy’s Buddies and their families. Those are the kids that the whole Muddy’s Buddies thing is about– MB helps kids with cancer (or other chronic conditions) by pairing them up with school sports teams for support, friendship, and encouragement. So the Buddies, and there are 17 of ‘em at this point, might go to team events, like games, practices, pasta parties or just for your general hanging out.

Ya know the Great Muddy, himself, was all about kids and kids’ bein’ safe and smart. He was a great athlete and a great coach himself, but an even better teacher. He taught English and he was big on kids expressing themselves in all different ways—like writing in a journal, talking about a poem or a movie, making a sweet pass for an assist, or just takin’ a long bike ride. He believed everybody was an artist AND an athlete!